304 SS Oil Filtration Filter Cartridge

304 SS Oil Filtration Filter Cartridge

With various porosity (28% - 50%), pore size (4u - 160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um - 100um), the channels are crisscrossed, high temperature resistant, quenching and hot. Corrosion resistant. Suitable for a variety of corrosive media such as acid and alkali. Stainless steel filter can resist general acid and alkali and organic corrosion. It is especially suitable for sulfur gas filtration. It has high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high pressure environment. It can be welded. Easy to load and unload. The hole shape is stable and evenly distributed, ensuring stable filtration performance and good regeneration performance. The filtration performance is restored by more than 90% after repeated cleaning and regeneration....

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Type Customize 304 SS yabo阿根廷国际足球合作
OD custom made
High custom made
Media 304 SS
Filtration rate 20 μm
Max Temperature 200℃


Customize 304 SS yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 is widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, medical treatment, high temperature gas filtration, scientific research, metallurgy, food, machinery and other industries.



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