Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter

Replace PALL Hydraulic yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 is made by fiberglass, apply for heavy engine, such as generators, trucks, excavators, construction machine etc....

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Product Hydraulic yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 Element
Media Fiberglass
Out Diameter 78mm
Length 118mm
Micron 10μm


Steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, paper, chemical, machine tools and engineering machinery, construction machinery and other fields.


The hydraulic oil filter is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh, sintered mesh and iron mesh. Since it uses mainly fiberglass filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper and wood pulp filter paper, it has high concentricity and high pressure. It has good straightness. Its structure is made of single or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material. The number of layers and the mesh number of the mesh are determined according to different use conditions and uses.



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