Melt Filters Element

Melt Filters Element

Melt filter element, all-metal filter element welded by argon arc welding....

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Melt filter element, all-metal filter element welded by argon arc welding.


Type Melt filter element
OD custom made
High custom made
Media Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Filtration rate 20 μm

Melt Filter Element (3)

The melt filter element is an all-metal filter element welded by argon arc welding. The products are mainly made of domestic and imported stainless steel fiber sintered felt, iron chrome aluminum fiber felt, nickel fiber felt, stainless steel special net, stainless steel sintered five-layer net, stainless steel sintered seven-layer net and other metal filter materials.

Features and Benefits:

1. High temperature and high pressure resistance, chemical resistance

2. Excellent air permeability, large amount of dirt, high strength, good sealing, long life, and can be cleaned and reused repeatedly.

3. It can be made into a cylindrical or folded cylindrical structure, and the filtered area after folding is 3-5 times the area of the cylindrical type.

3. Working temperature: -60-500 °C

4. The filter element is subjected to the maximum pressure difference: 2MPa


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