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We Guarantee The Quality Of Each Filter
May 31, 2019

We introduce professional equipment to ensure the quality of each filter

1 Our company conducts re-inspection of the purchased filter materials to check the quality of raw materials. Avoid the inferior products entering the factory into the production line.

2 Our company conducts leak detection on the straight seam and end cover of the folded wave filter to avoid bonding and welding defects.

3 The company tests the filter, filter and filter products before leaving the factory to control the quality of the products.

4 For the filter material provided by different manufacturers, the comparison of pore size and gas permeability is used to provide a theoretical basis for preferential procurement.

5 Our company helps to improve the technical level and product quality of operators by detecting the bubbling pressure at the bonding and welding sites.

6 Through the performance test, understand the performance of the unit's products, facilitate the sales to users, and promote the smooth development of sales.

We are equipped with professional personnel to test, to avoid unqualified products leaving the factory, and choose Huahua filter cartridges with confidence.

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