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Water Filter With Laser Punch, High Precision And Uniformity
Jul 20, 2016

Water filters can be divided into manual rotating backwash water filter, electric Rotary backwash water filter and automatic backwash water filters, widely used in thermal power plants, hydropower stations, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, printing and dyeing, paper textiles and other industrial circulating cooling water system, hot water system and water pipes. Has the following advantages:

1, compact and takes up space where small, easy installation and flexible arrangement, has a standard structure for users to choose from, users can also be specially designed the site layout conditions.

2, sewage well: the product design uses a fixed grid core, partitions, local enhanced backwash sewage and step rotation of the new structure.

3, run the water resistance is small, high filtration accuracy of flow.

In thermal power plants, hydropower plants, steel smelting, petroleum chemical industry, dyeing and printing on paper and other enterprises for the supply of water pipes, due to take water from the rivers of water is different, so there are all kinds of impurities in the water, such as industrial waste, floating weeds, fish, shrimp, snail, etc. Before the pipeline of water supply systems, generally using a filter for processing. Treated water still exist in some smaller debris, such as: small particles of suspended solids, sediment, snails, and so on. When they gathered in the water supply system to a certain extent but not cleared, will result in reduced flow area, eventually leading to plug serious downtime, especially pose a great threat to safe operation. So in the large diameter pipes set on the secondary filter, set on cold water pipes of small diameter industrial water filters, water purifiers are necessary.

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