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The Custom Made yabovip2 Have Been Ready To Delivery
Nov 12, 2016

Yesterday, the yabovip2 Dust Collector have been accomplished. The Filters were custom made for customer from England. 

Specifications about the Air Collector as below:

Out Diameter: 323mm

Height: 750mm

Efficiency: F7

Filtration Area: 10㎡

Media: Polyester

Mesh: Galvanized Steel

The both ends about the yabovip2 Cartridge are made by Galvanized Steel, and the top end cap is made as customer's requirements. We always 

try to meet every customers' requirements on Filters. Except for air filter collector, we also have oil purifier, hydraulic oil filter, water filters, filter 

coalescer and separator. As we own our factory, you could get the best price. 

Any quesitons please contact:

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