Texas Solar Energy Will Power 170 Locations

Texas Solar Energy will power 170 locations

The Texas solar market is doing very well these days, which is no surprise to anyone who’s been watching. It’s not just residents who are making the switch to solar power, either. Companies left and right are either installing their own Texas solar panels, or purchasing power from solar farms. This will help companies reduce their overall costs, but even better, also keeps the environment green and healthy. But there’s one company that’s going above and beyond just investing in Texas solar panels.

Baker Hughes Co., which has more than 170 facilities in Texas, has decided to run all of their facilities on renewable energy. And they’re not just diversifying their usage- they’re going full 100% green. That’s incredibly exciting to anyone following the Texas solar market- or any solar market!

Baker Hughes is an international company with locations in many different countries. However, by running their locations in Texas with solar, they’ll be reducing their overall global carbon emissions by 12%. For such a large company to lower their carbon footprint so much is remarkable. And this is just the beginning for them. They plan to cut their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. And by 2050, they plan to be 100% carbon neutral.

Kevin Wetherington, Baker Hughes’ chief health, safety, environment, and quality officer looks forward to these milestones being met. “We see this commitment to Texas-generated renewable power as an important step in our progress toward net-zero emissions, and we have many more projects underway to continue to reduce our global emissions.”

Baker Hughes is being a responsible company. Of course the savings they’ll receive from being energy efficient will be great, and the management will appreciate that. But the long-term effects they’ll have by being environmentally conscious will be appreciated by everyone. By harnessing Texas solar energy, Baker Hughes is ensuring that future generations will get to enjoy a clean, green planet. Hopefully, other large companies will see this as an example and follow in Baker Hughes’ footsteps.

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