School District to be Powered with Arkansas Solar Power


It’s becoming clearer and clearer every day that renewable energy like solar power will soon replace fossil fuels as the primary source of electricity. And because people are realizing this, solar panels are quickly becoming commonplace. Houses, businesses, and even civil buildings are running on clean solar energy in Arkansas. And soon, Arkansas solar power will soon be used to power schools.

A Little Rock solar installation company is planning to partner with the Bearden School District to install a 400kW Arkansas solar energy system. The Bearden School District will be the first member school of the cooperative to install an Arkansas solar array.

“As a public school district,” said Superintendent Denny Rozenburg, “we feel it is our duty and obligation to use all available resources to be fiscally responsible. The development of a clean, renewable energy system for our campus is an outstanding example of action to that goal.”

Soon, students of the Bearden School District will get to take classes in a building powered completely by green Arkansas solar energy. When you think about how much electricity a school needs- such as computers, lights, heating and cooling- it’s a significant amount. Now the 400 kW array that the school is installing will provide about 90% of the school district’s energy. The remaining 10% will be provided by Entergy. That’s a whole lot of electricity that won’t be generated by pollution-causing fossil fuels. And on top of all of that, the school is expected to save an average of $25,000 a year!

The president of the Little Rock, Arkansas “Investing in local communities provides a direct benefit to… Bearden schools, and the community, as a resource for students to learn about renewable energy technology. The desire by… Bearden school boards and leadership to position themselves as leaders in progressive education is something for which the parents and students can be proud.”

With all the savings that Arkansas solar energy will bring with the school, hopefully other schools in the area will get some inspiration and switch to solar themselves. If you have any questions about installing solar panels, simply reach out to us here at yabo阿根廷国际足球合作! We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get clean Arkansas solar energy without any stress.

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