San Antonio Solar Farm Gets an Upgrade


In 2013, San Antonio solar developer OCI Solar Power installed the Alamo 1 solar project. Sitting on 445 acres, it has a generating capacity of nearly 40 MW, enough to power 70,000 homes. It also created approximately 800 permanent jobs and was the first of 7 solar farms, called Alamo 1 through 7, to be installed and switched on. Combined, these projects provide 90,000 homes in San Antonio with solar energy.

And San Antonio solar project Alamo 1 has been faithfully providing electricity since then. Currently, Alamo 1 consists of 167,680 solar panels, all on a single-axis, which means they stay in the same position. However, a part of this San Antonio solar farm has been upgraded with newer technology to make it more efficient, and increase its generation capacity.

The new technology consists of bi-facial solar panels, as well as solar panel trackers. The bi-facial panels mean that sunlight can be captured from both the front and the back of the solar panels. So if any light is reflected onto the back of the solar panels, they will still generate electricity. And thanks to the trackers, the solar panels will follow the path of the sun, so they will get the maximum amount of sunshine possible throughout the day. Both of these things will boost the production of the San Antonio solar farm, Alamo 1, and generate more green electricity.

“An upgrade of this magnitude,” said OCI Solar Power President and CEO Charles Kim, “is definitely a first for us and perhaps the entire solar industry. We were able to get the job done without de-energizing the entire project, and we are extremely proud of the outcome. Because of our success with this project, we are looking for other upgrade project opportunities.”

Aside from being a source of renewable energy, this is where solar panels really shine. Solar energy systems are designed to be versatile and can be easily upgraded when new technology is available. And because solar panels can be almost completely recycled, the old panels can be used to make the new, more efficient panels. Once again, solar energy systems prove their superiority to fossil fuels. They produce no pollution, are nearly 100% recyclable, and reduce monthly utility bills rather than increase them.

The updates to San Antonio solar farm Alamo 1 are a great example of how easy it is to keep them up with the latest technology. Their prices are going down every year, while their efficiency continues to rise. To learn more about Texas solar panels, or to schedule a free consultation, simply contact us at yabo阿根廷国际足球合作. We offer turnkey solutions that allow you to get solar panels without any stress.

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