Here’s an Easy Way to Earn Extra Cash in 2021 [Hint: It’s Free]

2021 extra cash solar referrals

As in every new year, we’re all looking for new ways to earn a little extra money in 2021 — especially when there’s the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 to make it easy. It’s true: the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 is a free, solar referrals-sharing app to make quick cash and, with the right hustle and networking, you’ll be able to earn a passive income worth thousands of dollars.

Even better, you don’t have to be a solar power expert, roofing professional or yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 employee to benefit from referral customers. That’s right. Anyone in a yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 service area receives extra cash from the yabovip2 when they refer family, friends and neighbors.

Let’s uncover everything you need to know about making money in 2021 with the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2.

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Introducing: the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2

Sunpro referral app

The yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 is a unique solar referrals-sharing app that makes it easy to get extra cash just by adding qualified friends. When the homeowners in your network decide to invest in solar, the yabovip2 rewards you in return.

Your earning potential with the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 is pretty straightforward. Earn $1000 when your referral goes solar with yabo阿根廷国际足球合作. Earn $500 if they get a new roof. Or, earn $1500 when your referral does both. And with no limit to your earnings that means you could end up with thousands of extra dollars just from a solid network of qualified referrals.

As you add to your network, the yabovip2 also gives you the tools to track the status of your referral network as well as the amount you’re earning from each qualified referral.

Use Your Social Media for Passive Income

Getting paid for referrals is like gaining a source of passive income — all from a free app. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to have any particular expertise with solar energy or any panels of your own. Extra cash can come as easily as sharing your solar experience on social media. Of course, if you know someone else who wants to get paid for referrals, simply share your invite link with them. The yabovip2 makes it easy to share your private link directly, or you can share it immediately via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter or in your Instagram bio.

Facebook referral app frames

Earning should be easy and fun, so there’s almost no better place for it than social media. For example, a fun yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 frame around your profile picture is an easy way to let your connections know that both of you can earn extra cash by referring friends to go solar. Get started with these instructions.

Online or neighborhood groups on websites like Nextdoor or Facebook are other great examples of social networks that are perfect for gathering referrals. It just goes to show you that social media has plenty of widespread opportunities to boost your earnings with the yabovip2.

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Follow the Money with Custom New Networking Features

sunpro referral app new feature

By now, new and regular users agree about just how easy it is to download the yabovip2, share with social networks and earn quickly. The latest update to the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 takes things even further with customized websites for each customer’s personal network. This personal website acts as your own unique referral dashboard where you can track and add referrals with absolute simplicity.

Simply share the link to your personal website with your network — friends, family or anyone else. Their contact information is added directly into your yabovip2 network when they fill out the form on your custom site.

Quickly and easily share your custom page with friends and followers on social media. We’ve even gone so far as to make the post for you. The yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 automatically uploads an attention-grabbing image that you can personalize with your own message. Your network will know exactly what to do next since the post links directly to your website.

Here’s How to Refer and Earn (and Then Earn Again)

At yabo阿根廷国际足球合作, we believe it should be easier than ever to earn from referrals, so we made an App that does just that. With the yabovip2, referring and earning is effortless and now it’s even more rewarding. New qualified referrals can earn you as much as $1,535 each. It breaks down like this: you’ll receive $35 when they schedule their first appointment, $1,000 when they go solar, and then an extra $500 if they get a new roof, too.

sunpro referral app screen

When someone from your referral network decides to go solar with yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 or replace their roof with Buildpro, the yabovip2 will notify you and tell you how much you’ll get paid.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the contact info for your referrals
  2. Add more referrals to grow your network.
  3. Enjoy unlimited earnings with each appointment.

Pretty easy, right? For more information on the app, read here.

When you enter a qualified friend or family member’s contact information into your yabovip2 network, it’s only a matter of time and an appointment away from serious earnings.

Make a Quick $20 Easy

When your family member, friend or network connection downloads the yabovip2 and submits their first qualified solar referral using your unique personal invitation link, you’ll earn $20 faster than you can say photovoltaic polycrystalline solar panels.

Simply put, the Quick $20 feature in the yabovip2 is one of our favorite ways to earn extra money. Soon it’ll be one of your favorites, too. In case you wanted the option to make even more money, there’s no limit to how many people you can refer or add to your network.

Did We Mention Unlimited Earnings?

The beautiful thing about the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 is that every new, qualified referral has the potential to earn money for you. Better yet, there’s no cap or maximum to the amount of earnings from your referrals…and those earnings aren’t exclusive to solar referrals.

Sunpro yabovip2

Your roofing referrals receive unlimited earnings, too. We designed the app to be rewarding from all angles, so we made sure the earnings apply to each referral who goes solar with yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 or gets a new roof with Buildpro.

That means when more of your referrals purchase a home solar system or purchase a new roof, the more potential you have to make thousands in referral earnings! Since 2018, yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 has already paid out more than $4 million to yabovip2 users. Just imagine what 2021 will pay out!

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How to Get the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2

For more information and step-by-step read here.

To read FAQs about the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 referral app read here.

Download the yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 yabovip2 from iTunes or Google Play Store and start getting paid for referrals. It’s just that easy!

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