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Portable Filtration Filter Method Of Purifier
May 25, 2017

Portable Filtration Function introduction The industrial design as the core of the creative design industry Internet communication, is committed to building a service design in China design e-commerce platform to provide professional design of information dissemination, creative design display, resource sharing, interactive exchange and other integrated online services.

This can filter the water bottle can give us a portable drinkable water, not only that you can also use it for you to squeeze a bottle of fruit drinks.Portable Filtration There is a telescopic compartment inside the bottle. What you need to do is open it and inject it into the water. Then slowly press the bottle to the bottom, the water passes through the filter from one space to another, and you get safe drinking water.

First, what kind of purifier can be in addition to PM2.5

For different sources of pollution, purifier filtration methods and purification techniques are not the same. Therefore, the choice of what kind of function of the air purifier should first distinguish the corresponding types of purification of pollutants, which is also a lot of people easily overlooked. In accordance with the working principle of view, air purifier is divided into three types: passive, active, passive and passive hybrid.

Before the advent of haze,Portable Filtration many people buy a purifier is to solve the problem of formaldehyde pollution. The market to remove formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants is the most important active carbon adsorption technology, is a passive principle,Portable Filtration this type of purifier has a filter, including activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, as the most basic one Purification technology, applied to the vast majority of air purifiers. However, this type of purifier is ineffective for some bacteria and viruses.

The second is an active principle, no filter, the general use of negative ion technology, clean ion group technology, to remove bacteria, viruses, pollen and other effects are better, later also need to replace supplies, the cost is low. However, due to technical characteristics of the decision, such a purifier are inevitably "ozone" problem, the formation of a strong stimulation of the human respiratory tract, affecting human health, is a potential harm to children.

The third type of purifier,Portable Filtration that is, double purification, the main passive purification technology to combine, that can be adsorbed formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants, but also directly kill bacteria and viruses. This kind of purifier is the filter, but also combines negative ions,Portable Filtration net ion group and other technologies, and negative ions with sedation, hypnosis, analgesic, lower blood pressure and other functions. After the thunderstorms, people feel comfortable, that is, the increase in the number of negative ions in the air. But negative oxygen ions in the air life is very short, so the need for sustained release.

Second, remove the PM2.5, the key to see the filter

However, the above three purification technology and purification PM2.5 is not directly related to filter PM2.5 particles, the key depends on the filter. Internationally recognized is the best HEPA efficient filtration technology, it can effectively inhibit the air allergens, such as mite dust, pollen, bacteria, secondhand smoke, dust and other small particles, for 0.3 micron particles purification rate of 99.97%. If you use it to filter cigarettes, then the filter effect can reach almost 100%, because the cigarette particles in the size of between 0.5-2 microns, can not pass HEPA filter membrane.

So want to use air purifier filter PM2.5,Portable Filtration the best choice on the basis of the above three, select the HEPA filter. But the late replacement of HEPA filter costs higher, which need attention. Also in the purchase process should also pay attention to the level of HEPA filter,Portable Filtration select the filter effect is better glass fiber or medical material HEPA filter.

Due to filter technology and material costs are relatively high, good air purifier prices generally in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Third, the truth: portable air purifier does not have the PM2.5 function

Then let's look at the working principle of the portable air purifier. Currently on the market of these portable air purifier, the price of hundreds or even tens of dollars or so,Portable Filtration the volume is very small, you can hang on the neck or take in hand to carry.

Such purifiers are generally used in the first two principles introduced, that is, active principle. No filter, the general use of negative ion technology, net ion group technology. Work will produce a certain negative ions, there are calm, hypnotic function, may have a certain effect on the removal of bacteria,Portable Filtration pollen, but in the absence of the case of the filter can not filter PM2.5 particles, but also inevitably produce "ozone "Problem, the formation of a strong stimulation of the human respiratory tract, affecting human health.

In fact, such portable air purifiers are different degrees of business "exaggerated", "steal the concept." Such as a hot online from Japan's Trywin Blua portable plasma air freshener,Portable Filtration online businessmen said, "This product specifically for haze weather and PM2.5 development, and has been tested by many agencies to prove the results." But in fact it Japanese propaganda chart only emphasized its "sterilization, deodorant, anti-pollen,Portable Filtration moisturizing" effect, did not mention the removal of PM2.5 function.

Therefore, we buy air purifier, do not blindly pursue low-cost,Portable Filtration portable, should be more consideration of key indicators in order to achieve the desired results.

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