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Our Company Organized To Travel To Yunqiu Mountain
Jul 30, 2019

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees of Huahang, improve team spirit, promote mutual understanding among various departments, improve teamwork and enhance team cohesion, Huahang employees opened the journey with great excitement.

Our Company Organized To Travel To Yunqiu Mountain

Even in the hot summer months, the ice caves in Yunqiu Mountain are still cold.  The temperature of the ice caves falls below zero, and all kinds of ice are scattered all over the caves.

Tourism activities are an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. This event not only provided everyone with a chance to relax, but also enjoyed the beauty of nature while enjoying the beauty of the harmonious team life, and enhanced mutual understanding between departments and colleagues. In order to enhance the corporate culture and create a harmonious team, we have created favorable conditions. I hope everyone can work happily and live happily!

Our Company Organized To Travel To Yunqiu Mountain (4)

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