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yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 Technology
Jul 20, 2016

Filter: oil filter higher than the air filter to filter requests, mainly because the oil temperature range from 0-300, under the severe temperature shocks, oil concentration also changes accordingly, which would affect oil filter traffic. High quality oil filter the filter to be able to work under severe temperature changes, filter impurities, while guaranteeing sufficient traffic.

Rubber seal: high quality oil filter seal ring is made of special rubber synthesis for 100% no oil leakage.

Returned curb valve: with only high quality oil filter. When the engine shuts off, and it can prevent oil filter dry; again when the engine ignition, it immediately generated pressure, supply engine oil lubrication. (Also known as a valve)

Relief valve: with only high quality oil filter. When the external temperature is reduced to a certain value or when the oil filter out of normal use period, relief valve opens under particular pressure, allowing unfiltered oil directly into the engine. As a result, impurities in the oil into the engine, but no oil in the engine and causing damage, the damage is much smaller. Overflow valve is therefore the key to protect the engine in case of emergency. (Also known as the bypass valve)

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