Limited Net Metering Available for Georgia Solar Panels


If you own Georgia solar panels and are a customer of Georgia Power, there’s an amazing opportunity available for you! The utility company is expanding their net metering program for another 5,000 homes! If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll jump on this opportunity as soon as you can. Georgia solar panels generate free, clean renewable energy, which is amazing. But if you take advantage of net metering, you’ll see additional savings on top of that.

If you’re not familiar with net metering, it works like this: when your solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs, that excess power is sent to your electric grid. Your utility company will then credit your account for that electricity. This reduces the electric bill even further, and may even negate it completely!

Currently, there is no net metering law in Georgia requiring utility companies to offer this incentive. But because solar power in Georgia is becoming so popular, the Georgia Public Service Commission (or GPSC) has given Georgia Power, a big utilities company, the OK to expand their own net metering program. They approved a 32 MW increase worth of residential solar power, which is what it would take to power roughly 5,000 homes. This is big news for Georgia solar advocates, because although net metering is available in Georgia, some utilities have been hesitant to really embrace it.

Several advocacy groups applauded the GPSC for granting approval to Georgia Power. While the program is currently first-come, first-serve, it allows 5,000 more solar customers to enjoy greater savings from their Georgia solar panels. “Today, the Georgia Public Service Commission opened the door for energy freedom, local jobs and hardworking Georgia families,” said southeast director at Vote Solar, Katie Chiles Ottenweller. “While we are disheartened to see a cap placed on this policy change, for now, Georgia families and businesses that invest in affordable, clean rooftop solar will be treated fairly on their electric bills. Not only will fair accounting benefit rooftop solar customers, but all Georgia Power customers will benefit from a cleaner, more distributed grid that will bolster reliability and increase participation in Georgia’s energy future.”

5,000 more people are able to get net metering for their Georgia solar panels is far better than none. And this is just the beginning. If this program is successful, there’s no reason why Georgia Power wouldn’t expand it even further. Utility companies nationwide are growing their renewable energy portfolio and becoming more solar friendly. Hopefully, Georgia Power will see that this program has a lot of support, and will do even more to help their solar customers get the most out of their Georgia solar panels.

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