Largest U.S. Solar Farm Yet has Approval


It’s 2020, and there’s new and exciting things happening everywhere. And if you need evidence, look no further than the US solar industry. A decade ago, the US solar industry was only just starting to really grow. Now, you can find solar panels on houses in almost every neighborhood. And it’s very clear why. People are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious and are fully aware of how solar panels produce 100% renewable energy. They’re also aware that solar panels save homeowners money every single month.

So with all these benefits, it makes complete sense why more and more solar farms are being constructed in the US. And the largest one yet, the Gemini solar project, is about to be constructed just outside of Las Vegas. When completed, the Gemini solar project will sit on 7,100 acres of land, and produce up to 690 MW of electricity. On top of that, the solar farm will also consist of solar batteries, capable of storing approximately 380 MW to use after the sun goes down. And for the City that Never Sleeps, that can be a very, very big deal.

The US Bureau of Land Management Southern Nevada District Manager Tim Smith said, “The proposed Gemini Solar Project would represent a significant increase in renewable energy capacity for Nevada and the West. The BLM actively supports the Department of the Interior’s America First Energy Plan, an ‘all of the above’ strategy which supports energy development on public lands.”

David Scavysbrook, co-founder of one of the companies developing the project, said Gemini “will demonstrate the ability to couple solar PV technology with battery storage to capture and use Nevada’s abundant renewable solar resources to deliver low cost power to NV Energy’s customers and keep the lights on long after the sun has set… We believe Nevada is an ideal location for a project of this magnitude.”

The US solar industry is growing every single day as a major source of energy while traditional fossil fuels is steadily going down. The Gemini project, meant to provide a massive amount of electricity to one of the most popular cities in the nation, is proof of this. In the future, hopefully solar energy will make up the majority of electricity generation in the US, and fossil fuels will be phased out completely.

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