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Filter Separator Improve The Separation Effect
Jun 08, 2017

In the filter separator is equipped with two different sets of different functions of the filter, coalescence filter and separation filter when the fuel flows through the filter separator, in its internal filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, separation of the four processes.

Jet fuel from the inlet into the filter first-level tray, and then dispersed into the first-stage coalescence filter, jet fuel from the inside out, first through the filter layer to remove solid impurities, and then through the coalescence layer, tiny water droplets Large water droplets, settling on the bottom of the filter, to achieve water separation; oil flow from the outside into the secondary separation filter, the future and the subsidence of the water droplets by the separation of the role of the role of the jet in the jet fuel completely separated, settling in the sump, Drain valve discharge; clean jet fuel through the separation filter pool in the secondary tray. The purified jet fuel is fed into the aircraft refueling system by the filter outlet.

In accordance with the civil airport and military airport regulations: the use of oil depots to the aircraft wing under the fuel filler before the general use of three jet fuel filter separator device.

The gas first enters the feed gas chamber, and the gas first strikes the support tube in the support filter (avoiding the direct impact of the airflow on the filter, causing the filter material to be damaged in advance). The larger solid particles are initially separated and under the action of gravity Sink to the bottom of the container (periodically discharged from the drain).

Then the gas is filtered from the outside into the filter through the filter, the solid particles are trapped by the filter medium, the liquid particles due to the filter media coalescence function in the inner surface of the filter gradually coalescence grow up. When the droplets reach a certain size will be due to the impact of air from the inner surface of the fall into the filter into the internal flow channel and then into the convergence of the material chamber. In the convergence of the material chamber, the larger liquid beads rely on gravity settlement separation, in addition, in the convergence of the material chamber, also has a separation element, it can effectively capture the droplets to prevent the export of droplets are entrained, To further improve the separation effect, the last clean gas out of the filter separator.

With the increase in gas throughput, the particles deposited on the filter will cause an increase in the pressure difference of the filter. When the pressure difference rises to the specified value (read from the differential pressure meter), the filter element has been seriously blocked and should be replaced in time The Filter separator replacement pressure is not higher than 0.1Mpa

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