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Bag yabovip2 High Efficiency, Low Resistance
Jun 19, 2017

(1) the Bag yabovip2 Uses: general ventilation air treatment equipment in the filter or fresh air system of primary filtration. Features: can be replaced by their own filter, paper box for the first effect of a one-time.

G series: Bag yabovip2 resistance is small; air volume; use long life long.

Adaptation: Suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning systems. The primary air filter is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning systems and is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5 μm. The filter is made of non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter, metal mesh and so on. The protection of the filter is made of non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter, metal mesh and so on. The net has double-sided sprayed barbed wire and double-sided galvanized barbed wire.

Early effect filter features: cheap, light weight, versatility, compact structure. Mainly used: 

A. Central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system pre-filtration

B. Large air compressor pre-filter

C. Clean return system

D. Pre-filtration of local high efficiency filter

E. High temperature air filter, with stainless steel frame, high temperature 250-300 ℃ filtration efficiency

This efficiency of the filter, commonly used in primary air conditioning and ventilation systems, also applies to simple air conditioning and ventilation systems requiring only one level of filtration. G series of coarse air filter is divided into eight varieties, namely: G1, G2, G3, G4, GN (nylon mesh filter), GH (metal mesh filter), GC (activated carbon filter), GT (high temperature Rough filter).

(2) folding effect of air filter Uses: ventilation system filtration. Electronic, pharmaceutical, mechanical instrumentation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light industry, food and other fields of general air purification. Features: high efficiency, dust capacity, small footprint.

(3) Bags in the effect of air filter Uses: Central air conditioning centralized ventilation system, or as a high efficiency filter pre-filter, it can reduce the burden of high efficiency filter to extend its service life can also be used in the industrial field in general Air purification. Features: small resistance, dust capacity large.

Medium efficiency filter is mainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply system. It can be used for primary filtering of air conditioning systems to protect the system in the next filter and the system itself, in the air purification cleanliness requirements are not strict places,Bag yabovip2 the efficiency of the filter after the air can be sent directly to the user Bag filter frame with cold plate spray, galvanized sheet and other forms, filter materials are non-woven fabrics, glass fiber, filter particle size 1 ~ 5um, filtration efficiency of 60 to 95% (colorimetric method).

Bag yabovip2 , mainly used to capture 1-5μm particles of dust and a variety of suspended solids, widely used in a variety of air-conditioning equipment and air conditioning systems, but also for multi-stage filtration system of intermediate protection. This series of products is mainly bag structure, frame materials are: aluminum, galvanized steel, can also be made frameless. Filter material to non-woven mainly.

1) Role: capture 1-5um dust particles

2) Type: frameless and framed

3) filter: special non-woven or glass fiber

4) Efficiency: 60% ~ 95% @ 1 ~ 5um (colorimetric method)

F series, in the bag, including F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, non-bag, including FB (plate effect filter), FS (partition type Efficiency filter), FV (modular medium effect filter).

GK series of high efficiency air filter High efficiency air filter is mainly used in the microelectronics industry, precision instrumentation, medical and health, bio-engineering, pharmaceutical and food industries and various types of clean rooms, clean tunnels, efficient air supply, Air shower and other purification equipment in the air at the end of the filter. The product uses ultra-fine glass fiber filter,Bag yabovip2 hot sol as a separator, special aluminum frame, polyurethane two-component sealant, closed-hole sponge seal, spray steel mesh plate, etc. through a rigorous process refined.

1) role: capture 0.1 ~ 0.5um fine particles

2) Type: aluminum alloy frame, no partitions

3) filter: ultra-fine glass fiber paper

4) Efficiency: 99.999 %@0.3um (DOP method)

(4) Activated carbon filter Uses: Effective removal of odor, volatile, bacteria, viruses and contaminants in various air such as paint spray, smoke, electronic plants and museums common pollutants, and food processing plants and hospitals The smell. Features: highly developed microporous structure, high adsorption capacity, suction, desorption speed, good purification effect. The use of activated carbon filter must have the former filter,Bag yabovip2 otherwise, will be due to other pollutants in the air and reduce the efficiency of activated carbon.

Activated carbon filter. Mainly used to remove the gas, hair odor and smoke, the removal of the odor makes the room return air ratio increases, thereby reducing the energy consumption of heating and cooling. Up to 63% of the carbon, the filter can be used with most manufacturers to produce the box.

(5) nylon mesh air filter Uses: air quality requirements of the ventilation system is not high, or the surrounding environment is more harsh, dusty places as a primary pre-filter. Features: small resistance,Bag yabovip2 easy to clean, easy to maintain.

(6) sub-efficient air filter Uses: all kinds of clean engineering and special requirements of the central air conditioning and process air supply system of the end of the filter or clean room filtration. Features: high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity.

(7) efficient air filter Uses: clean air conditioning system, high cleanliness environment. Features: high efficiency, low resistance.

High efficiency filter is divided into a high efficiency filter and no separator high efficiency filter, a high efficiency filter with partitions; Non-partition high efficiency filter including.

(8) large air volume and efficient filter Uses: air conditioning box end of the high-performance filter. Features: high filtration efficiency, large air volume, dust capacity.

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