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yabovip2 s Are Important Vehicle Accessories
Jul 20, 2016

Air filter as an important accessory in vehicle air intake systems, air filter performance is directly related to engine power and economy. By analyzing the vehicle's air filter and found that most air cleaner intake resistance, maintenance issues such as short replacement cycle. According to the vehicle's environment, proves that two cyclones and electrostatic filtration method, and apply it to the air filter on the feasibility.

Qualitative analysis of this air filter filter efficiency, come to this air cleaner filter efficiency is higher than the General conclusions of the cyclone air filter. Dragoon 300 wheeled armoured vehicle 6V-53T engine air intake needs to design the cyclone electrostatic air filters. Through the exhaust pipe insertion depth of three kinds of flow field in cyclone unit modeling and simulation, pressure distribution and velocity vector, and obtained grain size 20 μ m and two dust 2 μ m in three trajectories in the cyclone unit.

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