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yabovip2 To Ensure That The Amount Of Air Into The Cleanliness
Jun 08, 2017

yabovip2 The particulate contaminants suspended in the air are composed of solid or liquid microparticles. Atmospheric dust can be divided into narrow air and generalized air dust: the narrow air is the solid particles in the atmosphere, that is, the real dust; the modern concept of atmospheric dust, including solid particles, including liquid particles, polydisperse aerosols, Specifically refers to the atmosphere of suspended particles, particle size is less than 10μm, which is the generalized air dust. For particles larger than 10μm, because of the heavier, after a period of irregular Brownian motion, under the action of gravity, they will gradually settle to the ground, is the main goal of ventilation and dust; atmospheric 0.1 --- 10μm Dust particles are also in the air to do irregular movement, because of the lighter weight, it is easy to float with the air, and it is difficult to settle to the ground. Therefore, the concept of air dust in air clean technology and the concept of dust in general dust removal technology are differentiated.

Suspended particles in the air in addition to the small droplets into spherical, the other particles are crystalline, flaky, massive, needle, chain, etc., it is difficult to measure the size from the geometry. In clean technology, the meaning of particle size refers to the length of the particles through a certain length,yabovip2 does not contain the meaning of regular geometry, but easy to compare the particle size of a "nominal size."

The suspended particles in the air are divided into non-biological particles and biological particles: non-biological particles by the solid, liquid crushing, evaporation, combustion, cohesion produced, the formation of a physical or chemical role. Microbes generally include viruses, rickettsia, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae, which is more directly related to the purification of bacteria and fungi. Microorganisms in the air are mainly attached to the dust, so filter out the dust in the air can effectively remove the microbes in the air, which is the main theoretical basis for biological purification.

Dust dust filter with nylon mesh filter, metal mesh filter, foam sponge filter filter dust, because the filter pore size is larger, generally greater than 10μm, mainly filter more than 10μm of dust, so the 0.1 ~ ~ 10μm particles , The filter efficiency is very low; if it is a cleanliness of the environment have a certain degree of cleanliness requirements, must take clean technology in the air filtration technology in order to achieve purification requirements. The main task of air purification is based on the production process of various products, different processes, various types of room air cleanliness level needs to take the air filter technology to capture the atmosphere of 0.1 --- 10μm suspended dust particles and microbes,yabovip2 so clean Room or local purification area in the dust particle concentration or concentration of bacteria within the allowable range to ensure the cleanliness of the level requirements.

According to the statistics of particles in different countries and times, the number of particles in atmospheric dust decreases significantly with the increase of particle size, that is, in the double logarithmic plot, the number and particle size are linear, especially for 0.1- - 5μm; the distribution of quantity and quality, the number of submicron particles accounted for the proportion of the total close to 100%, while the weight of only the total 2% - 3%; this is the clean relevant standards can be common in different countries Theoretical basis.

Statistics show that the concentration of dust in rural areas about 10 million / l or so, the concentration of dust in the suburbs of about 200,000 / l or so, the city's dust concentration of about 300,000 / l or so, polluted areas can be Reaching more than 1 million / l or more.

1. Air filtration technology is mainly used to filter separation method: by setting the performance of the filter, remove the air in the dust particles and micro-organisms, that is, through the filter material will be trapped dust particles trapped to ensure that the amount of air into the cleanliness Claim. It uses the filter for the finer diameter of the fiber, both to smooth the air flow, but also can effectively capture dust particles.

2. Clean technology control Filtration of dust is generally 0.1 --- 10μm dust particles, particle size is small, contains solid particles and liquid particles; suspended organic particles in the atmosphere of microorganisms, plant pollen, tidbits and villi, microbes Generally include viruses,yabovip2 Rickettsia, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae. Air purification control is mainly bacteria and fungi, viruses. Because the micro-organisms are mainly attached to the dust particles, so the dust particles in the air effectively control, it can effectively control the air bacteria, fungi and viruses. To do this, it must be filtered by blocking the nature of the particulate filter. In general, the ordinary high efficiency filter on the bacteria filtration efficiency of up to 99.996%, basically can meet the biological clean room filtration purification requirements. The

Filter filter layer to capture the role of particles are mainly 5 kinds:

1. Interception effect: When a particle size of the particles moving near the fiber surface, the center line to the fiber surface distance is less than the particle radius,yabovip2 dust particles will be blocked by the filter fiber and deposited.

2. Inertial effect: When the mass of particles is large or the speed is large, due to inertia and collision in the fiber surface and deposited.

3. Diffusion effect: small particle size particles Brown strong and easy to collision to the fiber surface.

4. Gravity effect: particles through the fiber layer,yabovip2 due to gravity deposition and deposition on the fiber.

5. Electrostatic effect: fiber or particles may be charged, resulting in particles to attract electrostatic effects, and the particles to the fiber surface.

As the dust is more and more, the filtration efficiency of the filter layer decreases and the resistance increases. When the resistance value or efficiency is reduced to a certain value, the filter needs to be replaced in time to ensure that Cleanliness requirements.

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