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yabovip2 Cartridges For US Customers Are Shipped
May 29, 2019


1. It is made of high quality and high efficiency waterproof filter paper and produced by special process. Wide adaptability, so it is not affected in wet and foggy areas;

2. Adopting advanced folding new technology and wide pleat design, the air filter has the characteristics of large filtering area, small aperture, large air permeability, low resistance and high efficiency;

3. The end cover and the inner and outer nets are all electrostatically sprayed, which has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties;

4. Low-hardness, high-strength closed-cell rubber seal ensures the airtightness of the air filter;

5. The end cap is made of super strong polymer glue, which will not cause degumming and ensure the service life of the air filter.

6. After the linear hot melt is poured inside and outside the air filter, the inner and outer nets and the filter paper are always fixed at the original position, so that the pressure between the paper and the paper can be prevented from being pressed, and the resistance is increased.

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