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Activated Carbon Water Filter Is Shipped
Aug 20, 2019

US customers' activated carbon water filter is shipped!

Type: Compressed activated carbon filter, carbon fiber filter, granular activated carbon filter.

Features: Activated carbon filter element is made by adding activated carbon particles to the binder and heating and sintering. The innermost layer of the filter element is a polypropylene skeleton to strengthen the compressive strength of the filter element. The activated carbon filter has good adsorption and can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, color and organic matter in the water.

Technical principle:

The activated carbon filter is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders. It is processed by special technology using high-tech technology. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis. It can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effects of discoloration and odor removal. It is an ideal new generation product in the liquid and air purification industry.

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