How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?



Of all the questions homeowners ask when they first consider solar, this one is among the most popular. If you find yourself asking the same question, you’re not alone.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some homes have more solar panels than others. You’re not noticing something wrong or off. Simply put — what you’re seeing is that every home requires a different amount of energy, so every home needs a different amount of solar panels.

How many solar panels you need for your home depends on a number of factors.

It Depends on Your Electrical Usage

Think about it this way: you might not watch as much TV as your neighbor so you might have fewer televisions or cable boxes. Maybe you’ve cut cable altogether. Or, you might use more internet streaming as the house behind you, so you ask your internet company to provide you with more bandwidth.

Likewise, each homeowner uses different amounts of electricity. The number of solar panels you need reflects the wattage of electricity you use on a regular basis.

Before a yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 Specialist arrives, it would be even more helpful to have copies of recent energy bills and information about monthly and yearly watt usage from your electrical company.

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It Depends on Your Roof

First things first, we need to know a little about your rooftop. After all, that’s where we install your solar panels.

The size of your roof, its age, the level of sun exposure and amount of shade coverage are all things that determine how the solar system will be installed on your roof.

A roof with abundant exposure to sunlight is ideal. Even better, a roof that has an east-west ridgeline with little to no interference from trees or buildings is the perfect place for panels to capture as much energy as possible from the sun.

If the space on your rooftop is more limited, there are smaller higher-efficiency panels made to suit your home energy needs.

What You Need for Your Appointment

When you make an appointment with a yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 Specialist, it’s helpful to know the square footage of your roof, the age of your roof as well the square footage of your home ahead of time.


It Depends on the Type of Panel

Like any home purchase, installing solar panels comes with various equipment options. The type of panel installed can affect the number of panels you need.

Many homeowners have their choice of either a smaller high-efficiency system or a larger power-generating system. In many cases it comes down to the tech within the panels.

Homeowners can have panels that are bifacial, producing electricity from one side, or single-sided. There’s also the choice between monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels.

Read about our most efficient solar panels.

We know it sounds complicated, but your yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 Specialist can help you find the type of panel that’s right for your system.

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It just so happens that we are the #1 installer for LG Solar, our preferred manufacturer, so you’ll receive solar expertise in the setup of your system as well as the selection of panels and implements.

It Depends on Your Motive

When you’ve worked in solar energy as long as Sunpro and installed panels on as many homes as our teams, you understand that there’s no one, limited reason why solar works for someone. Sometimes it’s more than just going off the grid.

Reducing the monthly electricity bill is a pretty common reason that, more often than not, just means common-sense. To that point, the number of panels can directly impact the amount you want to reduce the bill. For some homeowners it can mean thousands of dollars in savings every year.

Maybe after seeing the savings from solar, your biggest motivation is as simple as clean, sustainable energy that cuts down on carbon emissions. That’s a motive we can all get behind.

Sell Your Extra Energy Through Net Metering

Of course, you can always earn money with your excess energy through net metering. That’s right. Whatever energy your panels produce that goes unused you can turn around and sell back to the electric company in the form of credits to be applied toward other bills. It can mean smaller energy bills or, in some cases, no bills at all.

Learn more about net metering.


It Depends on Your Storage Options

So maybe net metering isn’t offered in your state. What will you do with the excess energy?

Well, this is where the size of your solar system and number of panels comes in. The amount of solar panels on your roof may increase or decrease depending on what you want to do with the electricity they produce.

If your panels produce more than you use, then it’s a great idea to invest in a solar energy battery. This means complete energy independence. Run on renewable energy at night and during times when the electric company loses power on the grid.

Is a Tesla Powerwall Right for You?

Batteries like Tesla Powerwall will detect grid failures in a matter of seconds, flip on the stored power from your panels and keep your home running over 100 times faster than typical generators — all without the frequent interruptions to appliances.

Read more about Tesla Powerwall.

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