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Natural Gas Filtration Filters

Introduction to gas filter: In the process of gas pipeline transportation, gas source impurities and pipeline mechanical impurities will affect the quality of the gas transmission and damage some metering and pressure regulating equipment on the pipeline. Therefore, gas filtration equipment must be installed before each connection station or important equipment. To ensure the safety of downstream equipment (sometimes through multiple levels of filtering). The filter element is the main component of these filtering equipments. Therefore, the selection of the filter element directly affects the filtering effect. According to the unique properties of the gas, the stainless steel metal mesh is selected as the main filter material, and the filter structure is added to reduce the filter area of the filter element to ensure the passage of gas. Good liquidity, while increasing the amount of pollution. The seal uses a high temperature and low temperature asbestos pad as the sealing material to ensure good sealing of some low temperature gases such as compressed liquefied petroleum gas. The filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time according to the change of pressure difference during use....

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Introduction to gas filter:



mainly used for filtration of automobile engines, natural gas, gas, etc., CNG LPG LNG, etc.

Compressed gas filtration for automotive, ion wind guns, electronic components, pneumatic components, chemicals, detectors

Instruments, medicine and other industries.

Filter maintenance:



Production Equipment



advantages (2)

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