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Natural Gas Coalescer Filter

The coalescing separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: a polymer filter and a separation filter. For example, in the oil dewatering system, after the oil flows into the coalescing separator, it first flows through the coalescing filter element, and the coalescing filter element filters out solid impurities and coalesces the extremely small water droplets into larger water droplets. Most of the agglomerated water droplets can be separated from the oil by their own weight and settled into the sump. Then the oil flows through the separation filter. Since the separation filter has good oleophilic water repellency, the water is further separated, the natural gas coalesces the filter, and the final, clean, anhydrous oil flows out of the coalescing separator. Water is a relatively common contaminant in oil systems. A variety of oil-water separation technologies have been developed for the water pollution problems of various oils. Among many oil-water separation methods, the coalescence method has the advantages of high water removal efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, and convenient equipment maintenance, and thus has been widely used. It has the dual function of filtering impurities from oil and agglomerating moisture, and is an important functional energy component of the filter separator. It meets the needs of various filter separators used in fixed and mobile fueling facilities....

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