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Glassfiber Coalescer Filters

The coalescence separation process is divided into two stages. When the liquid/liquid mixture enters the coalescing filter element, small continuous droplets are continuously combined and coalesced and settled. The liquid without contaminants and the large droplets that are dispersed flow to the separation filter element, and the separation filter element is made of a hydrophobic material. Xinxiang City Huahang Filter Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of filters, filter elements, filtration equipment, testing equipment and hydraulic components. The company relies on the "China's hometown of filtration" to take the road of specialization, and integrates air compressor filter, precision filter, water filter, refrigeration filter, hydraulic oil filter and hydraulic oil filter, to serve the society more professionally and meet the needs of customers. . The company has a first-class research and development team, a professional technical team, a highly efficient production network, and a comprehensive after-sales service system. The company adheres to the tenet of "purifying the environment, serving the society, operating with integrity, and pursuing excellence", and has established a fraternal and comprehensive cooperative relationship with major design institutes and universities. The quality has reached the domestic advanced level and achieved remarkable economic benefits....

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Echnical parameter:

TypeGlassfiber Coalescer Filters

Coalescing filter works:

In the oil product water removal system, after the oil product flows into the coalescing separator, it first flows through the coalescing filter element. The coalescing filter element removes solid impurities and coalesces extremely small water droplets into larger water droplets. Most of the coalesced water droplets can be separated and removed from the oil by their own weight and settled in the lower water collecting tank.

Performance characteristics:


Production equipment:

Production Equipment




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