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F5 Bag yabovip2

It is mainly used as the final filter of the general air conditioning system and a pre-filter for purifying the air conditioning system to filter 1um of particulate dust in the atmosphere. Its filtration efficiency is 50%~~99%....

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Technical Parameters

The outer frame :galvanized sheet/aluminum alloy

Filter material: Initial effect cotton

Temperature: -10~~80°C,

Humidity: 80%

Precautions for use:

Regularly check the air inlet surface of the filter for any obstruction of the debris and the surface of the filter material. If there is any object blocking the surface, it should be removed. If the surface of the filter material is damaged seriously, you must replace the new filter material or replace it with a new one. Re-installation; when installing, the length of the filter bag should be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtering effect and service life of the air supply.


The Bag Filter is suitable for use as a pre-filter for higher grades of air filtration, or for use as a simple for general applications. 



The Bag Filter is available a large range of standard sizes and pocket lengths.





Pocket No.

Filter area

( m2)

F5592 * 592 * 60086.18
592 * 592 * 60064.64
592 * 592 * 50063.86
287 * 592 * 60043.09
287 * 592 * 60032.32
287 * 592 * 500  31.93
490 * 592 * 60064.64
490 * 592 * 60053.87
490 * 592 * 50053.22

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