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            About Us
            • Founded in 2003, specialized in filtration system over 15 years. Plant covers an area of 5000m2 ,More than 70 professional staff incleding technology and quality control team.

            • Professional in yabo阿根廷国际足球合作 , yabovip2 , Water Filter, Polymer Filter, Candle Filter Element, Stainless Steel Filter,Coalescer and Separator filter. Custom made filter elements.

            • Filters are widely used in petroleum,metallurgy,textile, medicine, automobile, chemical fiber, air-conditioning, food, water treatment industries.

            • “Customers First”, you could get the prompt answers about actual demands, production problems and any other questions about filters, our professional sales consultant will give you our best services.

            • 2003

              FOUNDED IN 2003

            • 15

              YEARS EXPERIENCE

            • 5000m2

              AREA COVERED

            • 70


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